Reader: Fanboyism Is Why Assault Victims Feel Ashamed to Speak Out

Peyton Manning during his days with the University of Tennessee.
Peyton Manning during his days with the University of Tennessee. University of Tennessee via the Associated Press
After the sex-abuse stories started coming out of Hollywood, victims of abuse in the sports world began coming forward. Jamie Naughright granted her first interview decades after Peyton Manning allegedly "placed his 'naked butt and rectum'" on her face when he was a student at the University of Tennessee. In response to our story on that interview, readers offered their own opinions. Says Morgan:

Looks like people in this thread are going with victim shaming on this one. Classy. Fanboyism for sports, political, and Hollywood celebrities are exactly why many people feel ashamed about discussing when they're abused by them. You speak up, and people like this are ready to crush you.
Argues Rebecca:

This is not assault, honey. This is a college dude joking around with you at a level you set as acceptable. I've known women who were RAPED. Quit pissing on their victimhood graves.
Explains Dan:

THIS! This is exactly what is wrong with our society. So many people think that this is funny, or that it is just a college-aged prank, not necessarily terrible, just in bad taste. I don't care who it is, this is assault. The fact that it is Peyton Manning complicates everything, since he is basically untouchable to some people. The women have been upfront and their stories haven't changed in the 20 some years that have past. Just because their was no rape or penetration doesn't mean that this isn't assault.
Says Julie:

The more “likable” the perpetrator seems, the more shaming and belittling of the victim we tend to see. Yes, there are various degrees of assault. Still, what Manning did was wrong and disgusting.

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