The Crappiest 6th Congressional District Campaign Ads Aired Thus Far

The Crappiest 6th Congressional District Campaign Ads Aired Thus Far
Election season is here, and that means that, unless you live in some sort of Netflix-induced coma, you're getting blasted with nonstop political ads. And if you're in the Denver TV market, you're probably getting treated to an extra slew of them, thanks to a hyper-competitive congressional race close by.

In the perennially competitive 6th Congressional District race between Republican Mike Coffman and Democratic challenger Jason Crow, we've been treated to a spectacle of this-guy-is-the-devil ads. But in a fever-pitched race with huge national implications — perhaps a race that could decide whether Democrats or Republicans control the House of Representatives in January — some of these ads go too far. Here are the worst of the worst.

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