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"Now we just want to see justice done," says Gottdenker.
So does Fort Collins deputy district attorney Mitch Murray, who is prosecuting the case for Mary Davis, the elderly woman who thought she was buying an interest in Lautrec's. Murray says that once he gets a conviction on that case, he intends to try Chiffon on Colorado's habitual-criminal law, which ups the ante for those with three felony convictions in the state. In Chiffon's case, this would carry a 36-year sentence. "That would put her at age ninety," Murray says. "Which could mean the end of all this."

Chiffon, however, isn't worried. "If the Man Up There doesn't want me in jail," she says, rolling her eyes heavenward, "then no jury, no judge, no one is going to put me back in jail. But if that's where He wants me, that's where I'll go." At the moment, she's more concerned about Moods, the compact disc she just recorded of the music she's spent many years writing. She fears that publicity about the upcoming trial will erase her chances at stardom. "I can get this going and sell a million copies easily," she says.

"All I need is $2,900."
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