Zachary Meints, youth hockey coach, allegedly challenged players to masturbation races

Last December, we told you about the arrest of youth hockey coach Zachary Meints on five Internet sexual exploitation of a child counts. Now, as he's scheduled to appear in court today, more details are emerging about messaging that's said to have included encouragement to take part in "masturbation races."

As we've reported, Meints, who's 24, has served as a volunteer coach for assorted Boulder Hockey Club squads for the past couple of years, working with skaters between the ages of fifteen and eighteen. Most recently, he tutored players on the fifteen-and-under Rocky Mountain RoughRiders team while working at the Boulder Valley Ice rink in Superior. He was sacked from the coaching gig in late September, but parents and their kids didn't know why.

After Meints was arrested, parents of players were upset to discover that six Boulder Hockey Club officials had known about allegations against him since early October.

As for his supposed offenses, they're detailed in an arrest warrant obtained by the Boulder Daily Camera. According to multiple victims cited in the document, Meints engaged in seemingly benign communication about hockey via text message and Facebook before bringing up far more suspect topics, like penis size, pornography, sex toys and their frequency of masturbation.

This last subject appears to have been a particular fascination. Meints is said to have asked his teen charges to masturbate while they chatted online or participate in what were described as "masturbation races" and then send him photos afterward to show that they'd crossed the finish line, as it were.

Look below to get a larger look at Meints's booking photo, followed by the 9News report from the time of his original arrest.

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