Aix goes dark

Just got word from a sharp-eyed tipster in the 17th Avenue neighborhood that something appears to be going on at Aix. Or, more to the point, nothing seems to be going on at Aix. 

I hit this place, which won our Best Taste of Provence in 2007, a few weeks back for Second Helping, since chef/owner Rachel Wolcott and her kitchen had recently gone through a fairly substantial menu change. But that doesn't seem to have done the trick, because the restaurant was dark on Saturday night and has remained so through today. On a drive-by a few minutes ago, there was no sign of life inside -- and since Aix recently started serving lunch, there ought to be someone in the house right now answering the phone. Also, the website,, has been pulled down, leaving only a pretty flowered frame and the words "Something new coming soon... Stay tuned."

I will.


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