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Reader: Can We Just Accept That There Is Good Pizza Everywhere?

We never sausage a thing! A recent survey named Denver the Best Pizza City in the Country, but diners beg to differ.
Joy Hill serves up some of Denver's best pizza.
Joy Hill serves up some of Denver's best pizza. Molly Martin
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Although Denver's pizza scene is definitely improving, we were surprised, too, when Denver was named the Best Pizza City in the Country. That honor came via real estate company Clever, which recently released its list of The Best Pizza Cities in America: 2024 Data. In Clever's study, far more renowned pizza cities Chicago and New York City came in at fourteen and fifteen, while Buffalo (!) was right behind Denver.

After Buzzfeed posted a story about the viral backlash to the list, Molly Martin served up some Denver responses. And readers offered more — over 600 more — on the Westword Facebook page. Here's a slice:

Says Michael:
I've lived in Denver. I know Denver. Denver, you are no Chicago, let alone a New York!
Echos Marci:
Umm, New Yorker living in Denver since ‘96. Big nope.
Adds Chuck:
Yeah, how about....no. I've been living here four years now and I literally have only found two places with good pizza. I've lived all over the country. Let's not play games here. Yeah, I'm sure in every state they have at least one good shop, but the Northeast is the best and the shops are everywhere. And half the price compared to up here.
Responds Enmanuel:
All my NY homies finna roast me… we all know Denver ain’t the best city for pizza…but there are good pizza spots.
Notes Jarrod:
Results have to be skewed due to late-night munchies and sobering up food. Lord knows, Pie Hole on Broadway does a bangup job between 1 and 2 a.m., but is probably no place I’d eat at during normal hours.
Suggests Kyle:
You can find really good pizza in Denver. But since that pizza is New York style, Chicago deep dish, Detroit style, etc., it's nonsense to credit Denver. We have to be satisfied with having a mid omelette named for us and move on. It's okay to be a beer city.
Adds Ken:
So, best pizza is not what this is about. Based on the article, Denver gives better Yelp reviews, has more affordable pizza places, and more pizza places in general. We have more variety because we don't really have our own signature style. We take in styles from everywhere else and have enough places to offer all those different types.
And Andrew concludes:
Can we just accept that there is good pizza everywhere? It’s so tiresome how so many people think only the pizza where they’re from is good and everything else is crap (not that anyone from Denver says this). People are so pretentious. i feel sorry for people who can’t enjoy pizza from all over the place! It’s such a great food!
What do you think of the pizza in Denver? Post a comment or share your thoughts at [email protected]. And see our guide to Denver's best pizza here.
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