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The Five Best Events on the Culinary Calendar This Weekend

Get a plate of succulent short rib enchiladas for free at Roadhouse Boulder Depot if you were born on February 29.
Get a plate of succulent short rib enchiladas for free at Roadhouse Boulder Depot if you were born on February 29. Courtesy Roadhouse Boulder Depot

Pajamas, poke, pulque and pictures are on the menu this weekend, but if you're not into any of those, you can still score great deals for Leap Year and savor smooth-as-silk mole. Here are five of the best food and drink happenings in town this weekend, plus plenty more fun through April.

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Dos Luces is hosting a fishy feast in concert with Turtle Boat.
Fermentable Sugar
Friday, February 28
Does poke and pulque sound like an uncommon combo? On Friday, February 28, visit the Green Mile, where Dos Luces Brewery and nearby poke purveyor Turtle Boat are teaming up for a five-course beer dinner starting at 7 p.m. The taproom, at 1236 South Broadway, is hosting the feast, which goes well beyond raw fish in a bowl: Pairings include a cheese board with boozy lime agua fresca; braised oxtail and mofongo with pulque; pan-seared tilapia paired with chicha; and panna cotta served with new release jamaica pulque. Visit Dos Luces's website to see the entire menu and purchase your $65 ticket.

Tarasco's version of the dish will make an appearance at Re:Vision's Mole Festival on February 29.
Mark Manger
Saturday, February 29
The convoluted calendrical contrivance known as Leap Year is upon us again; at least this year it falls on a Saturday — prime time for celebrating with food and drink. Let's start with the poor saps who were born on February 29 and arguably don't reach legal drinking age until they're 84: To make up for your troubles, Spanky's Roadhouse (1800 East Evans Avenue), Reiver's Bar & Grill (1085 South Gaylord Street) and Roadhouse Boulder Depot (2366 Junction Place, Boulder) are all offering a free meal and drink to Leap Day babies. Meanwhile, everyone can enjoy Resolute Brewing Co.'s Leap Beer specials, which are worth taking a trip to the Centennial taproom at 7286 South Yosemite Street: For every full pour you purchase, you'll get a Crowler to go for just $4 (limit — of course — four). Finally, Improper City, 3201 Walnut Street, is hosting a throwback bash celebrating every decade from the 1970s to present day. We're no horologists — we're not even mathematicians — but we're pretty sure four years isn't the same as ten years; nevertheless, you're encouraged to don a costume and show up starting at 7 p.m. for music and drinks from the respective decades (tequila sunrises, Cosmos, Amaretto sours and more). Details are up on the venue's website.

Everyone who's eaten mole knows the heady, fragrant sauce made of chiles and chocolate is addictive — but even the most ambitious home cook can quail when faced with the mile-long list of ingredients and pages of prep required for the recipe. That doesn't leave many options other than restaurant dining or (horror) canned, concentrated mole paste that's probably been sitting on the grocery store shelf since the Nixon administration. But on Saturday, February 29, you can get your mole fix — or get your first taste of the famed Mexican dish — at Re:Vision's mole festival. The community development organization and food co-op, 3800 Morrison Road, is bringing together both pro and home cooks to sample their recipes from 1 to 4 p.m.; you can expect Honduran-style mole, sauce from the owner of local mole powerhouse Tarasco's and mole using cacao from Denver's own Cultura Craft Chocolate. There's no entrance fee, though tasting tickets will run you $10 for six or $25 for 16 on Re:Vision's website, or $2 each at the door.

Dale Carnegie's lesser-known book, How to Irritate Friends and Influence Diners, is no doubt the inspiration for today's modern wave of amateur Instagram shutterbugs. But if you want some pro tips, think about the food photography workshop taking place at Rio Grande, 1525 Blake Street, on Saturday, March 29. From 2 to 4 p.m., enjoy snacks and drinks — but only after you've put a professional photog's tips and tricks to the test. Learn to work angles and lighting to make that enchilada look as sexy, seductive and delicious as she was meant to be, for just $35 on Eventbrite. In the meantime, our best tip for getting fabulous food pics and making sure you still have friends and family willing to dine with you? Always snap your companion's food first, and if they're approaching hangry, tread softly.

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It doesn't get any better than breakfast nachos and bedclothes at the Whiskey Biscuit's pajama brunch.
Bridget Wood
Sunday, March 1
This weekend marks the Whiskey Biscuit's third anniversary, and the purveyor of carbs both liquid and solid is celebrating for two whole days. The bar's third annual pajama brunch runs from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. on Sunday, March 1; now there's no need to change from your PJs into slightly less comfy but infinitely more socially acceptable yoga pants for the meal. Show in up your nightwear without shame — all we ask is that you slap on some deodorant and brush your teeth. And on Monday, March 2, show up after 3 p.m. for some serious deals: All of the joint's weekday specials will be in effect until close. So expect happy-hour pricing, burger and bourbon deals ($7 for a cheeseburger and fries, $3 for a pour of Benchmark bourbon), half-price wings and whiskey, and an additional 20 percent off for anyone who works in the medical field. Visit the Biscuit's Facebook page for more details, including how to enter for a ten-person happy-hour giveaway.

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