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Boulder County Farmers Market Launches Year-Round Delivery

For the first time ever, the Boulder County Farmers Market will be delivering goods to Denver, year-round.
Apples and pears from Ela Family Farms.
Apples and pears from Ela Family Farms. Linnea Covington
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After creating an online ordering platform at the start of the 2020 growing season, the Boulder County Farmers Market (BCFM) will launch its first home delivery service in Denver today (Monday, November 2).

"The BCFM online ordering and curbside service increases the number of opportunities to buy local, supporting the long term viability and growth of Colorado farms and ranches," says BCFM director Brian Coppom. "A robust local food system has many benefits — from better nutrition to improved local ecology and increased community resilience."

This push comes as many business have changed to accommodate COVID-19 restrictions and the shortened market season. Because the BCFM created a whole program for ordering online for curbside pick-up at the markets, it was ready to further the offerings by partnering with the Denver-based local delivery system Bondadosa.
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Market director Brian Coppom mans one of the pick-up spots earlier this year.
Linnea Covington
With fresh-produce lulls during the winter months, shoppers can expect to purchase meat, dairy and packaged goods from local farms and producers. Order items such as raw honey from Highland Honey, hard pretzels from On Tap Kitchen, hot sauces from Chiporro Sauce Company, bread by Outrageous Baking, and grass-fed beef from Buckner Family Ranch and Willow Creek Meats. There's plenty of fall produce, too, including radishes, winter squash, onions, potatoes and apples from places like Jones Farms Organics, Croft Family Farm, Altius Farms, Ela Family Farm, Ollin Farms and more. 
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Butternut squash is still available!
Linnea Covington

Each delivery has a flat fee of $9.99, and can be scheduled on the Boulder County Farmers Market website. From there, choose "curbside pickup" at the top of the window, which will lead you to options for delivery service. Delivery will be available out of the Bondadosa RiNo warehouse and includes multiple zip codes in Denver, Aurora, Westminster, Arvada, Wheat Ridge and Littleton. You can place orders beginning at 8 a.m. Tuesday through noon Thursday for delivery the following Monday. 

The BCFM is also running its curbside pick-up services through the winter, using the same ordering program. And until November 21, guests can still wander the Boulder and Longmont farmers' markets to select produce and other goods in person.
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