Breakfast and Brunch

Reader: Complaining About Wait for Brunch? First-World Problem!

Reader: Complaining About Wait for Brunch? First-World Problem!
Mark Antonation
Where will you be having brunch today? New options like Morning Collective are giving Denver diners options other than standing in line at longtime favorites or grabbing a breakfast burrito to go. Says John:

Looking forward to some variety. It will be nice to have something for breakfast without green chile on it.
Replies Jana: 
OMG you are killing me. I'm living in the Netherlands right chile haunts my dreams.
And then there's this from Giles: .
...absolutely hilarious! A bunch of people complaining about waiting to eat brunch at one of Denver's most popular spots?? First-world problems!!!! Why don't you complainers go find something positive to do with your time and your energy??

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