End of the line for this Country Buffet.
End of the line for this Country Buffet.

Load Up on Furnishings, not Food, at Country Buffet Auction

Put down your tray...unless you want to bite off a piece of the past at an auction today. The Country Buffet at 7407 East 36th Avenue has closed, and the remaining assets are being offered through Auction Nation, a national online auction company. “This is an amazing opportunity not only for people in the restaurant industry but for patrons and the general public alike to bid on and purchase the assets from the Country Buffet,” said Mats Myhre, a spokesman for Auction Nation, in announcing the "amazing opportunity."

Texas-based Buffets LLC, the restaurant's owner, filed for bankruptcy protection last year, closing seven Country Buffet restaurants in Colorado and leaving just two open: one in Colorado Springs and this location in Stapleton. That still left 150 restaurants in the company's portfolio, including many Old Country Buffet locations. Because of a conflict with Lakewood's Old Country restaurant, the chain was always known as Country Buffet here. But now the Denver spot has reached the end of the buffet line.

There will be an open-house preview from 8 a.m. to noon today, May 4, at the restaurant's location. For more details, go to AuctionNation.com.

And if you still went to belly up to a Country Buffet food bar, the Colorado Springs location opens at 11 a.m. today.

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