Denver Diners Miss Benny's, but Can Logan Street Restaurant Fill Hole? | Westword

Reader: Benny's Had Its Day...but That's All Over Now

The popular Mexican restaurant has been closed since March 2020, and now Logan Street Tavern plans to fill the hole left in the neighborhood.
Benny's remains closed.
Benny's remains closed. Patricia Calhoun
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Do you miss Benny's? Many people do; the popular Mexican restaurant at 301 East Seventh Avenue closed during the pandemic shutdown of March 2020, and its doors haven't opened since. The group that owns the nearby Logan Street Restaurant got tired of waiting, and decided to switch that eatery to a Mexican concept: Pancho Poncho, which will debut June 19.

"I grew up in Denver and remember Benny's well," says Steve Kingsbury, director of operations for the eatery at 400 East Seventh Avenue, which also owns the Carboy Winery attached to the Logan Street space. "I have such fond memories of it. I just loved it."

Meanwhile, "Logan Street suffered from an identity crisis from day one," he admits. "It opened at the end of 2019 and didn't really have a chance to immerse itself in the neighborhood before the pandemic shut down indoor dining." But with no sign of Benny's reopening, Kingsbury's crew has decided to help fill the gap.

In their comments on the Westword Facebook post, some welcomed the news...while others did not. Says Geoffrey:
Damn it. Closing one of my favorite places and replacing it with Mexican food. Come on.
Notes Kat:
There’s literally Wild taco one block away across the street.
Recalls Jay:
Benny's was my favorite place. It was like Casa Bonita but with better food and with frozen margaritas. It was sad when they closed.
Adds Gens:
Nothing will replace Benny's.
Adds Margaret:
Please try to recreate Benny’s fish taco plate. Pretty, pretty please.
Brooke wonders:
But will Benny’s ever reopen? I can’t see this group “filling the hole” because that would mean they would need to serve affordable and solid Mexican food. I’m guessing this will be “elevated” or fusion cuisine.
But Ron concludes;
Amen...looking forward to a great new addition to the 'hood. Benny's had its day....but that's all over now. Ready for a new chapter.
Have you visited Logan Street Restaurant? Did you eat at Benny's? What do you think of the move? Post a comment or share your thoughts at [email protected].
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