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Reader: Denver Is Prettier, But It's Not the Same City Where I Used to Drink

Gary Lee's Facebook
The pace of restaurant openings really picked up the first week of December, right after we'd noted that new additions to the dining scene had slowed down a bit in our Restaurant Roll Call for November.

But the closings in November included a couple of notable losses, especially for bar lovers. Govnr's Park shuttered after forty years, and Gary Lee's Motor Club gave up the ghost on South Broadway. Can new bars take the place of these beloved hangouts? Are Denver's best bars an endangered species?

Says Rory: 
Thank the developers.
Adds Max:
 Denver has been sold to the highest bidder. Where you been?
Responds Susan: 
Westword celebrates the drinking culture too much. I like your coverage of healthy restaurants, but we do not need to know so much about bars.
Explains Ryan: 
I stopped caring around the time B-52s turned into the Real World house, and Don's Mixed Drinks got a makeover. Denver is prettier now, but it isn't the town I grew up drinking in.
Concludes Ernie: 
That is because Colorado, and Denver in particular, have become a yuppie scumbag haven.
Keep reading for more coverage of openings and closings around town.

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