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Dessert for Breakfast: The Seven Best Sweet Brunch Dishes in Denver

While some gravitate toward the hearty egg and other protein-rich brunch dishes, there’s an equal consortium that goes for the sweet treats: the pancake, waffle and crepe creations. Whether you’re a savory or sweet morning person, these decadent treats are too good to pass up. If your sweet tooth is aching, here are the best places in Denver for a morning sugar high. But be warned: We doubt you can have just one bite.
7) S’mores French Toast at Max’s Wine Dive
696 Sherman Street
Max's puts an upscale twist on an old campfire favorite, with custard-soaked brioche, graham-cracker crumbles, drizzles of Nutella and a towering pile of housemade marshmallow that feels like an airy cross between Fluffernutter and whipped cream. It's a Texas-sized portion in a neighborhood setting just off Governor's Park.
6) Cookie Dough Pancakes at Sunny’s
2339 West 44th Avenue
Sunny’s unassuming buttermilk pancakes are stuffed to the gills with buried treasure (and are also available gluten-free!). With cookie dough hidden in the middle, each bite is one sweet surprise after the next. The waffle creations are equally decadent, with the likes of Nutella, Nutter Butter, cannoli filling and bacon streusel as toppings.
5) Monkey Brains at Beatrice & Woodsley
38 South Broadway
There's no description on Beatrice & Woodsley's menu for this brunch-time treat, but don't worry, no monkeys dies in the making or your breakfast. Instead, it's a kitschy take on a pecan roll that pulls apart into four individual servings. The sticky, sweet rosettes will be gobbled up faster than you can say “monkey brains.“
4) Banana Bread French Toast at Root Down
1600 West 33rd Avenue
This decadent French toast creation comes topped with chicory crème fraiche, cocao nibs, citrus syrup and salted peanuts, resulting in a texture that's almost like tempura. It's available in two portion sizes; we suggest the larger. The salty-sweet mixture will leave your tastebuds singing.  

3) Bananas Foster Waffle at Wild Eggs
300 East Alameda Avenue
Wild Eggs serves this dish as a deceptively simple Belgian waffle topped with a scoop of ice cream. But hot caramel banana rum sauce is poured tableside with a flourish, ensuring that the presentation is just as impressive as the flavors. Eat it quickly, because the ice cream melts into an ooey, gooey mess perfect for mopping up with forkfuls of fluffy waffle. 

2) Doughnuts at Jelly
600 East 13th Avenue, 303-831-6301
1700 East Evans Avenue, 720-596-4108
Jelly’s warm doughnut bites (also available gluten-free) are iconic in the Denver brunch world. Whether you opt for a sampler of four or the full eight, you can mix and match made-to-order flavors like crème anglaise, salted caramel, maple bacon and Thai peanut drizzled in sriracha.
1) Rabanada at Leña
24 Broadway
The Brazilian take on French toast, Lena’s dish is slices of crispy ciabatta crusted in flaky plantain chips and cocoa power. Served with Vermont maple syrup, a spicy chile butter, and sliced fruit for a touch of tartness, the sweet, salty and crunchy combination makes fighting over the third piece totally acceptable. 
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