The former Hangar Bar will reopen as EastFax Tap.EXPAND
The former Hangar Bar will reopen as EastFax Tap.
Patricia Calhoun

Reader: It's Not Easy Running a Bar Here...That's the ’Fax

As the city continues to boom, Denver is losing a lot of its longtime watering holes...for better or worse. Last summer, one of the longtime mainstays on our Best Denver Dive Bars list, the circa 1938 Hangar Bar, was closed by the city as a public nuisance.

Now new owners are taking over the spot, but per their agreement with Denver officials, they're changing the name, the hours and  the atmosphere. When EastFax Tap opens (the target date is March 1), it will be a casual, welcoming water hole with windows onto Colfax and a doorman.

The plan has both fans and foes. Says Tony: 

Yuppied-up remix?...no thanks.

Responds Sam: 

This is great news for the neighborhood. East Colfax needs more places where people can just hang out for a beer with friends and watch the game.

Asks Mark:  

Are the new owners going to leave the 'bullet hole' in the ceiling, it's the only one in the history of that bar??

And Joe wants to know:

 What about that airplane that hung over the bar? That's the only thing I'm going to miss about that place. Running a bar in this neighborhood can be hard...and that's the ’Fax.

Concludes Lou: 

Bring back the Hangar!

Keep reading for more on the former Hangar Bar.

The beer-can bomber is now flying high on West Colfax.
The beer-can bomber is now flying high on West Colfax.
Patricia Calhoun

Neil Adam and Lucia Rambusch-Adam, who live nearby in Park Hill, bought the bar at the end of December; they're partnering on the project with Tor Ericksen and Bilyana Boyanova, who will be operating the bar once it reopens as EastFax Tap.

Right now they're all working on cleaning out and cleaning up the place, painting the walls, stripping the 32-foot bar back to basics...and in the process revealing vintage red neon that lines the bar back. The ceiling is getting refurbished, and paint should obscure any bullet holes. The beer-can bomber already has a new home: It's going into Jonny Barber's upcoming Colfax Museum.

“We are really excited about the changes we see coming to East Colfax, and were pleased to take the opportunity to be a part of it," says Neil Adam. "We're going to respect the history of the bar, but we also want to update it and create a place [where] the neighbors know they are welcome, can be safe and have fun."

What do you think of the changes on Colfax? Post a comment or email cafe@westword.com.

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