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Aurora Police Department: In-N-Out Has a Twelve-Hour Line

Two adult humans fight each other over In-N-Out Burger.
Two adult humans fight each other over In-N-Out Burger. Still from Twitter video
We expected some folks to be excited that Colorado's first two In-N-Out Burger locations were opening today, November 20, but the idea that someone would be willing to wait in line for half a day for a meal that will be gone in just a few minutes is a little astounding.

Still, at 2:23 p.m., the Aurora Police Department (which really has better things to do than monitor lines at fast-food outlets) released the following message on Twitter:

???? UPDATE ???? IN-n-Out burger is now at a TWELVE HOUR WAIT. I repeat TWELVE HOURS. Traffic is still significantly impacted in the area surrounding the mall. They will close[d] before you get to the window most likely. Meanwhile many other local eateries do not have a wait hint hint.
We agree with the APD: Go home!

But in case you've decided to stick it out for your double double or whatever, please send us photos or social media links about your experience. Was it worth the wait? How much food did you buy? Did you pee in a bottle in your car while you waited?

Normally, this is where we'd include pertinent information about In-N-Out, such as the address, hours of operation and other Colorado locations also open or coming soon. But we're not going to do that....

Because people are actually fighting each other in line.
Knock it off, Colorado burger lovers — we thought you were better than this.
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