Fast Food

Five restaurant leftovers you should not eat the next day

So you were at a restaurant and you ordered way too much food -- or just the right amount if you wanted a "fat human" box or two to take home. But in the cold gray light of dawn, last night's chicken à la awesome could turn into today's irritable fowl syndrome. There are certain dishes that work well as day-after dining, and others that will not survive the overnight Styrofoam containment. General rule: eggrolls, yes, cream cheese wontons, no; enchiladas, yes, tacos, no. As for pizza -- it doesn't matter because most folks will eat leftover pizza off the carpet, down crusts re-hydrated with beer, and not care about the gastrointestinal consequences.

Here are five restaurant leftovers that you definitely should not eat the next day. Ranch dressing can only mask so much.

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Jenn Wohletz
Contact: Jenn Wohletz