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Littleton Taco House Will Reopen After a Year of Construction

Almost exactly a year ago, a wet spring hailstorm caused water damage to the roof and interior of the venerable Taco House at 1390 West Littleton Boulevard. At the time, minor repairs were being made to the roof of the building, which originally constructed as a burger joint in 1961; as a result, water infiltrated the walls and caused extensive damage. Even so, owners Dora and Don D'Andrea expected to be closed for only a few weeks, but the renovations turned into a twelve-month project to help bring the old building up to modern code.

"It's been too long," says Dora, who has worked for Taco House since the 1960s and bought the Littleton location with her husband nine years ago. "The City of Littleton wanted us to update so many things."

But now, after redoing the entire electrical and plumbing systems and bringing the bathrooms up to ADA compliance, the D'Andreas expect to open as soon as next week or by mid-May at the latest, depending on how final inspections go. Dora says the city signed off on the work on Monday and the health department will arrive early next week to complete its inspection. As soon as those signatures are on the books, the restaurant can reopen.

The Littleton outpost is a franchise of the Federal Boulevard Taco House, founded by Gerald Bevelhymer in 1958, so some of the same menu items and ingredients appear at both — and at a third location, at 1335 Wadsworth Boulevard. Those are the only three remaining in what was once a chain of more than fifteen eateries. But the D'Andreas have added their own touch to their menu, with breakfast burritos served through the drive-up window and Colorado-style crunchy chiles rellenos that Dora has been making for so long she can't remember who taught her the recipe.

The Taco House will reopen with its original hours of 10:30 a.m. to 8:30 p.m. daily and 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. on Sundays. Breakfast burritos are available from the drive-up window beginning at 9 a.m. weekdays. And even after a year, most of the crew of eleven employees will return to continue serving tacos, enchiladas and other classic eats to the Littleton community.

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