Nope, In-N-Out Burger Is Not Coming to Colorado

Don't get your hopes up:  In-N-Out is not coming to Colorado in the immediate future.
Don't get your hopes up: In-N-Out is not coming to Colorado in the immediate future. Lindsey Bartlett
I'm From Denver, our least favorite fake-news site, reported today that In-N-Out burger is coming to Colorado. While many Denverites might wish that were true, it isn't.

"We don't have any plans for Colorado," an In-N-Out spokeswoman just told Westword, then added, "Unfortunately, no, we don't have any immediate plans to come to Colorado."

In its story, I'm From Denver had cited the burger company's Twitter page, which allegedly tweeted the news on Friday, January 13. But the tweet is no longer on @innoutburger, and the In-N-Out representative confirms that this is not the company's Twitter account. In fact, these are both fake Twitter and Facebook accounts.
Don't freak out: It's fake. - TWITTER
Don't freak out: It's fake.
Last week, Shake Shack announced that the popular New York burger chain was indeed coming to town, which made people hunger for similar news from longtime favorite In-N-Out.

In-N-Out's burgers may be real crowd-pleasers, but this report is definitely fake.

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