Park Burger's veggie burger remains a top choice

If you've had a burger at Park Burger -- whether the spot in Highland or in Uptown or the original restaurant on South Pearl Street, then you know this an unpretentious eatery does burgers right. The menu isn't vast -- shakes, alcoholic beverages, burgers and fries, and that's about it -- but when a burger is this good, you don't need much else. The veggie burger at Park Burger has won awards from Westword in the past; it's a ridiculously delicious housemade patty, and if you skip the egg, it's totally vegan, too.

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Your best bet is to hit up a Park Burger location sometime between lunch and dinner, because otherwise the dining room is packed with customers craving big, juicy burgers. Even at 2 p.m. one recent weekday, the Highland location was still fairly busy, with several tables nursing drinks and devouring the burgers that arrive in paper-lined wire baskets.

We started with a thick chocolate shake topped with fresh whipped cream, and waited for a veggie version of Park Burger's "popper": jalapeno cream cheese, haystack onions and charred green chiles topping a veggie patty. Several grains -- corn, barley and others -- comprise that patty, which is then grilled and plopped on a bun. As always, the veggie burgers was so thick and juicy that it fell apart as we tried to eat it -- a common experience for carnivores, but much more rare for plant-eaters, since veggie burgers tend to be very, very dry. A vegan can order the "popper" without cheese -- but we highly recommend the onions and green chile!

There are plenty more add-ons you can use to customize your burger, including guacamole, several kinds of cheese, eggs and much more. The thin-cut parmesan truffle fries are definitely worth trying, too. Park Burger also has sweet-potato fries that are crisp on the outside, mealy on the inside, just like a sweet-spud fry should be.

Visit for store hours and more menu information. And watch for a fourth Park Burger to open soon at 211 South Holly Street!

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