Reader: I Have Not Had a Truly Great Cheesesteak in Denver

The Taste of Philly's cheesesteak.
The Taste of Philly's cheesesteak. Ken Holloway
On the East Coast, diners fight over the elements of a proper Philly cheesesteak. But emotions run high here in the Mile High City, too. According to our expert, a great cheesesteak sandwich must have three elements: grilled steak (not roast beef) sliced thin; hot and fresh bread that’s crusty on the outside and chewy on the inside; and lots of gooey melted cheese. And it needs to be made in a certain way so that all the elements come together just right. We found a number of places that succeed that we shared last week in "The Ten Best Philly Cheesesteaks in Denver." Jeffrey agrees with one of our picks, for a very specific reason:
If the bun doesn't come from Amoroso’s ... it is just a steak sandwich. The only one who uses Amoroso’s buns is Taste of Philly.
Corrects Mark: 
There's a ton of places in Denver that use Amoroso's rolls.
Counters Alex: 
Best cheesesteak in Philly is not made with Amoroso's.
Adds Tracy: 
1. Its all about the hoagie bun 2. Never ever toast a hoagie bun. That's a grinder. 3. There is a problem when Famous Philly Cheeseteaks and Beer Garden is not listed. 
But it's not all about the bread, according to Alex: 
I have not had a truly great cheesesteak in Denver. Ribeye is the key. Ribbons, not chopped. Most bread in Colorado blows.
Adds Josh:
Whoever wrote this is not from Philly and has "0 cheese steak credibility."
And finally, Dan says: 
Find out what happened to Denver Ted's Cheesesteaks....They closed in Cap Hill and still haven’t reopened! We need the answers!
We're working on that, Dan. In the meantime, keep reading for more of our coverage of cheesesteaks.

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