Word of Mouth

Reader: Baur's Should Decide If It's a Restaurant or a Concert Hall

When Gretchen Kurtz visited Baur's Restaurant and Listening Lounge, the hostess asked if she planned to stay for the music that night, because the band could get loud. And so could the band's sound check, Kurtz notes in this week's review of Baur's, where she discusses the challenges of trying to be both a listening lounge and a high-end restaurant while also attempting to gain a foothold in a food scene that’s trending in a more casual direction. But the dual roles don't bother Joe, who writes:
I strongly disagree with this review. I have had nothing but amazing experiences when I've gone in to Baur's. 
But Bradley agrees that the split personality is a problem: 
They should decide if they want to be a restaurant or a concert hall.
Have you visited Baur's? What did you think of the place as a live-music venue? As a restaurant? As both?
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