Reader: Green "chile" is disgusting gruel

When Jenn Wohletz moved from the Midwest to New Mexico, she discovered Mexican food -- make that New Mexican food -- at Little Anita's, and she got hooked on both red and green chile. During a stint in Utah, she almost had to go cold turkey -- but here in Denver, there are plenty of places to feed the chile habit. Including four locations of Little Anita's.

But while green chile fans continue to debate the merits of the Colorado version versus that of New Mexico, at least one reader sees red when thinking of green. See also: - Little Anita's Mexican Cafe is firmly entrenched in red and green - Little Anita's chile no longer vegetarian -- for now? - Now you can take a seat at Little Anita's

Says Diego Raya:

I have the greatest disdain for it. Green "chile" is disgusting gruel. Chile verde is supposed to be made from tomatillos.

Those are fighting words in Denver, where green chile is considered a liquid asset. What are your favorite spots for green chile, Denver-style? And what do you think of the New Mexico version of verde?

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