Reader: Out-of-Staters, Craft Beer and Pot Can Be a Tricky Combo

The city will be flooded this week with people in town for the Great American Beer Festival, and the fun will spill over into brewpubs and bars around Denver. But great craft beer isn't this state's only amenity. Since January, recreational pot has been legal here -- thanks to the 2012 passage of Amendment 64, whose supporters urged that "marijuana be treated like alcohol." Will the two complement each other during GABF? Or will we see the chaotic result of too much of two good things?

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Breweries and bars still need to watch how intoxicated people are getting in their tap rooms. When you mix out-of-staters, great craft beer and marijuana, things start to go pear-shaped fast. I have seen it happen more than once around town. People just need to be smart about their marijuana and beer consumption and things should be fine.

What do you think about the combination of cannabis and craft beer? Is the availability of both a selling point for Colorado? Or a danger point?

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