All aboard for brunch at Snooze at Union Station.
All aboard for brunch at Snooze at Union Station.
Jake Shane

Reader: Try All the Best Brunches? Looks Like We Have Some Work to Do!

Did you stay in Denver this holiday weekend? Then it's time to get up and get in line for brunch! We recently updated our lists of the ten best brunches and ten best breakfast restaurants in Denver, which are full of ideas for where to eat. Says Peri: 

Looks we've got some work to do this summer.

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Other readers are happy to narrow down her choices. Says Elaine:

The Eggs Benedict with their incredible hollandaise sauce at Snooze is beyond amazing. By far our favorite place for brunch, totally worth any wait!

Adds Jayme:

Revelry Kitchen is hands down the best brunch in Denver!

Where will you be eating this morning?

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