Reader: It Makes Me Sad to See These Great Places Close

Reader: It Makes Me Sad to See These Great Places CloseEXPAND
The Rolling Pin

Pastry chef Jay Thomas and partner Michael Martinez opened their bakery, the Rolling Pin Bakeshop, in October 2016; located at 2716 Welton Street, it was right next door to Rosenberg's Bagels & Delicatessen, which reopened at the same time after a devastating fire.

But while Rosenberg's is still going strong (there's bound to be a line outside the place right now), the Rolling Pin closed abruptly on October 31, leaving behind some devastated regulars.

Says Amy: 

My heart is broken!! The best croissants I’ve ever had.

Adds Christine: 

I'm devastated! They did such an amazing job — customer service, wonderful ambience, and everything was so delicious! Took me back to Paris (my opinion, better than Paris).

Notes Brandon: 

Dang. it was so good! Sad day.

Responds Bryan:

 So good but also pretty pricey!

Replies Ally: 

They were never open! I could never understand a business opening in a working class district and not staying open past 5. I went maybe twice, and it was good but slow.

Comments Lx:

 I know a lot of places in the world are pretty crazy, but Five points in Denver is pretty bad at times, sad because it’s such a unique, Victorian neighborhood (in my eyes) that’s trying to change..

And then there's this from Joshua: 

Love ya, Westword, but I wish I knew more about these places before they were about to close. Y’all are the best for the Denver scene. I try hard to stay informed, and recognize that new places are opening/closing every day, so it makes it tough. It just makes me sad to see great places close.

Thanks for all you do!

Reader: It Makes Me Sad to See These Great Places Close
Mark Antonation

Westword first wrote about the Rolling Pin in the spring of 2015, when the owners hoped they would get the bakery open by early 2016; permitting delays pushed that target back by months, as we reported in October 2016. And while there were many fans of what Martinez, who'd grown up in Five Points, described as "a European bakery with a French focus," ultimately they weren't enough reason to keep it going.

On October 31, the Rolling Pin owners posted this message on their Facebook page:

Today was our last day in business. Our lease was ending and we made the decision not to renew. We had a wonderful run. We are so grateful to everyone who supported and invested in us, our friends, family, neighbors all of our customers. We thank the folks at Rosenberg's Bagels, especially Josh Pollack. and all who made us who we are. We were honored to be your bakery. We had hoped to stay open a little longer into the month of November but that was not possible. Thanks again to ALL of our Rolling Pin Family.
Jay & Michael

Did you ever make it to the Rolling Pin? What did you think? And what do you think of the changes in Five Points? Post a comment or email your thoughts to cafe@westword.com.

And if you woke up this morning craving croissants, try one of the still-open spots that, like the Rolling Pin, made our list of "Fantastic French Croissants at Eleven Denver Bakeries."

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