Redford's Tavern
Redford's Tavern

South University Roundup: Four New Eateries for the College Crowd

The intersection of South University Boulevard and East Evans Avenue is a constantly evolving hive of bars and restaurants, changing almost as quickly as the continuous cluster of traffic on the northeast edge of the University of Denver. Incoming freshmen may have plenty of cheap dining options, but by their senior year, the choices are likely to be entirely different. Recent weeks have seen a number of turnovers, as well as one newcomer moving into a previously vacant space. Here's the rundown on four new or soon-to-open spots.

Redford's Tavern
2070 South University Boulevard
This spot was most recently South Philly Cheese Steaks, but a facelift and name change in mid-October transformed it into something more of a sports bar, with a battery of televisions and a wide-open front window. Sandwich fanatics needn't worry, though: Cheese steaks are still front and center on the menu — and weekenders will be delighted to see a brunch menu complete with bottomless mimosas.

This space was previously Greeks Gone Wild.EXPAND
This space was previously Greeks Gone Wild.
Mark Antonation

Yum Yum Spice Asian Cuisine
2039 South University
Across the street from Redford's, Greeks Gone Wild is now simply gone; the space was taken over by Sichuan specialist Yum Yum Spice in early October. While the decor is sparse, the cuisine is fiery: Expect plenty of traditional dishes laced with numbing Sichuan peppercorns, along with the usual American-Chinese favorites.

Ramen House moves in to the former Wasabi Roll & Go space.EXPAND
Ramen House moves in to the former Wasabi Roll & Go space.
Mark Antonation

The Ramen House
2076 South University Boulevard
Wasabi Roll & Go is out in the space right next door to Redford's, and a new banner is up announcing the imminent arrival of the Ramen House. There's also a "Help Wanted" notice on the door, which means the soup could soon be simmering.

Gin & GingerEXPAND
Gin & Ginger
Mark Antonation

Gin & Ginger
2110 South University Boulevard
This is the only retail spot at the intersection that hasn't seen multiple tenants. Located just south of Evans in the One Observatory Park apartment building, Gin & Ginger just had a liquor license hearing last month, so it could be a while before more details emerge about the concept and opening date. Darshan Singh is listed as the president of the business on the Department of Excise and Licenses notice.

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