The amazing end of Amazing Jake's

The amazing story of Amazing Jake's may have ended. Last year, Art Cormier -- renowned in Denver both for Smiley's laundromat and the Regency Hotel -- took over the giant funplex at 1400 South Abilene Street in Aurora, saying he planned to change it to Smiley's Fun Center. But many residents didn't like the fun he had in mind: live music, and big events and parties that had drawn such complaints when he hosted them at the Regency.

Now there are signs on Amazing Jake's that says it's closed for renovations and will re-open this summer. But the website is down.

And according to this story in the Aurora Sentinel, Aurora officials say Amazing Jake's has closed for good. Cormier "never formally submitted an application to the city for any of his new proposed changes," the city said in a staement to the Sentinel. "From what the city understands, on January 12, 2010, Cormier's lease ended and he has begun to remove his property from the premises since December, 2009. The property owner is currently seeking new tenants for the building."

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