The veggie sandwich at Snarf's satisfies our delivery needs

The convenience of a workday lunchtime meal delivery is something taken for granted by many meat eaters; there are dozens of eateries all over the city willing to deliver anything on the menu right to your doorstep. But vegetarians and vegans who'd like a simple sandwich delivered for lunch often find themselves out of luck -- because, frankly, most veggie sandwiches that you can get delivered to your office flat-out suck. (We're looking at you, Lenny's: Sliced cheese and the saddest scattering of veggies imaginable do not a sandwich make.)

But thankfully, we have other options. Like the Boulder-grown chain Snarf's.

Instead of just offering one version of a veggie sandwich, Snarf's has a handful that are vegetarian- and vegan-friendly (or that can be modified to suit your non-meat or non-dairy needs), including an eggplant Parmesan sandwich, cheese-and-mushroom and portabello options, served on white or wheat bread with lettuce, mayo, mustard, hot peppers, onion, lettuce, tomato, pickles, oil and seasonings. You can also add artichokes, avocado or portabello mushrooms to your 'wich.

The sandwich in the photo is the not-so-plain vegetarian sandwich, which comes with provolone, sprouts and avocado as well as the regular toppings. We got rid of the mayo and the cheese, then added artichokes to the spread, which gives the whole meal a tangy flavor. The baguette-style bread is lightly broiled, giving it a delicious golden-brown color and crunch, and Snarf's isn't stingy with any of the toppings -- even the more expensive offerings like avocado. The hot peppers round everything off with a spicy bite; paired with Boulder Canyon's malt-vinegar-and-sea-salt potato chips, this delivery put vegetarians and vegans back into the sandwich game with a vengeance.

Snarf's has several locations throughout the metro area and Colorado; visit

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