This Couple Makes Cannabis-Infused Food That's Also Vegan

Join Vegan Stoner Club to try tasty cannabis-infused food like this crispy cauliflower sandwich.
Join Vegan Stoner Club to try tasty cannabis-infused food like this crispy cauliflower sandwich. Curtis Powell
Curtis Powell and Rebecca Goss loved to venture out to infusion events (where cannabis is infused in food), but their options as vegans were extremely limited. So they decided to start their own dinner club, which they called Vegan Stoner Club.

The couple partnered with a close friend from Rob the Art Museum in June to start creating THC-infused dinners and pairings. “We want to spread veganism and cannabis in our own unique way,” Powell says.

The feedback so far has been positive. “Everybody loves it,” Powell notes. “And what’s funny is that most people that show up aren’t vegan.”

With these infused dinners, Vegan Stoner Club is hitting a different subculture and changing perceptions about vegan food. Goss and Powell are able to introduce plant-based dishes to people who otherwise may not have given them a try.

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Rebecca Goss anf Curtis Powell are the minds behind Vegan Stoner Club.
Curtis Powell

Each dish created is infused with different dosages of cannabis to spread the effects over a complete dinner. The pair recently participated in Denver’s first Vegan Restaurant Week this past May, serving a soul food-inspired dinner of fried tofu in an infused barbecue sauce, infused mac and cheese and infused baked beans.

Since Powell is originally from Miami, he’s also created Cuban-influenced marijuana dinners with empanadas, a traditional Cuban sandwich and a dos leches cake (leaving the dairy products out of the typical tres leches version). Other pot-permeated eats at recent events have included barbecue pulled pork (a meatless version, of course), fried mac and cheese balls, garlic knots, fettuccine Alfredo with mushrooms, onions and pesto, and tofu scramble with hash browns. The vegan gourmet says one of the most popular items thus far has been Rebecca’s banana pudding, loaded with 10 milligrams of THC per serving.

“We tend to veganize what people are missing,” Powell says of the supper club's scratch-made comfort food.

Vegan Supper Club has been holding events at least once a month since launching, and dinners are held at private locations. For more information and to sign up for a dinner, visit Vegan Stoner Club and Rob the Art Museum on Instagram. Then prepared to get stoned like a vegan.
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