Vegetarian options easy to find on Denver Restaurant Week menus

There's nothing better than discovering a new favorite restaurant, and given the abundance of vegetarian-friendly offerings on this year's Denver Restaurant Week menus, I think I might have a few new favorites soon.

Restaurant Week runs from February 21-27 this year (some restaurants will extend it another week or so), and for $26.40 per person, or $52.80 for two, you get a multi-course meal at one of the hottest restaurants in Denver. I'm often discouraged by these kinds of events, because it seems that when they're limited in options, many restaurants choose to showcase meat and fish in most courses.But while perusing the Denver Restaurant Week website, I was happy to find a few really great-sounding vegetarian dishes.

8 Rivers Modern Caribbean is offering plantain wonton wraps for a first course, jerk tofu and callaloo or veggie ital for a second, and bread pudding or key lime pie for dessert. And Root Down, the popular new spot in Highland, is featuring organic carrot and red curry soup or organic beet and parsnip soup, followed by roasted winter squash pudding or veggie burger sliders, and then a vegetarian pot pie for the main course. And those are just two examples.

Nearly 200 restaurants are participating this year, with restaurants from Little India, to Campo di Fiori, Duo, Highland's Garden Café, Shazz and a number of other places also offering a completely vegetarian option. Still, I'd recommend calling to confirm, because menu descriptions can be deceiving and some of those veg-friendly-sounding dishes may have hidden chicken stock or other surprises lurking within.

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Aubrey Shoe
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