Veggie Girl: Little Anita's

Not only am I a very budget-conscious shopper and eater, I have also been a vegetarian for nearly seven years and am married to a lifelong vegetarian. So I know a thing or two about finding affordable, planet- and animal-friendly eats around town. In the weekly Veggie Girl, I'll be serving up great vegetarian options I've found both at traditional vegetarian spots and some not-so-obvious places.

Since October is National Chili Month (and I'm a certified chile nut), yesterday I headed to one of my favorite spots for a traditional, spicy, New Mexican green chile fix -- Little Anita's. This is one of the few places in Denver where you can get a truly vegetarian green chile that still has enough spice and flavor to satisfy my love of hot foods. (I have a few standby spots for veggie red, but I'd rather put green chile on everything -- if only I could find it more places in Denver.)

My staple at Little Anita's is the breakfast burrito with two eggs, chile and cheese inside ($2.35). I always throw in potatoes (papitas on the menu), which are well worth another 75 cents for the texture and flavor they add. You can also order the burrito smothered with chile and cheese, and while I normally prefer my burritos that way, at Little Anita's the cheese and chile inside the tortilla are more than enough; everything blends into a gooey, wonderful, delicious mess that I can still eat with my hands.

In addition to vegetarian green chile, Little Anita's also has vegetarian red chile, calabacitas burritos and enchiladas, chile rellenos and the best (and probably the only!) free sopapillas in town. You get a sopapilla with every entrée, although they don't start making them until after 10 a.m.

Fair warning: the medium-sized breakfast burrito isn't big enough for my husband, but it's perfect for me -- especially when you consider that free sopapilla.

Little Anita's is an Albuquerque-based chain that has four Colorado locations: in Denver, Centennial, Westminster and Arvada.

-- Aubrey Shoe

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Aubrey Shoe
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