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Where should you eat for Denver Restaurant Week? Behold our ten top picks

Denver Restaurant Week -- the first of two this year -- began in earnest on Saturday, and while there are plenty of foodniks (and restaurant staff) who bemoan the frenzied chaos of what some call "amateur dining week" (and "amateur diners"), Denver Restaurant Week is nonetheless a terrific opportunity for guests to try a new restaurant at prices that won't sink their bank account. The Denver Restaurant Week price, excluding tax and tip is $60 for two and $30 for a solo diner.

More than 300 restaurants are participating in Denver Restaurant Week, a daunting scroll that makes you wonder just where you should go for the best food -- and the best bang for the buck. When it comes to making choices, I highly recommend booking reservations at those restaurants that usually don't fit within your budget -- restaurants that you've had on your wish list, restaurants that, frankly, are expensive and offer Denver Restaurant Week menus that are discounted more than what you'd typically pay if you went any other week during the year.

After scouring the menus, here are our ten top picks, all of which we think will leave you properly fed and full.

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Lori Midson
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