Road Show

Explaining FOUND Magazine’s Denim and Diamonds Tour is kind of like describing a flea market to someone who’s never been shopping before. It all starts with Davy Rothbart, who collects love letters, to-do lists, birthday cards, Post-It notes, photos, doodles, impromptu poems and other objects; today people from all over the world send such gems to Rothbart, who compiles the most compelling into FOUND, the publication he created.

Then, once a year, Davy and his brother, Peter, climb into a van and hit the road, taking the live version of FOUND from city to city. It’s a rowdy show-and-tell featuring Davy’s animated readings accompanied by Peter’s music, and audience members are encouraged to contribute their own finds to the mix.

This year, the tour has an extra edge: The brothers are promoting Davy’s new book, Requiem for a Paper Bag: Celebrities and Civilians Tell Stories of the Best Lost, Tossed, and Found Items from Around the World. With such contributors as Seth Rogen, Dave Eggers, Chuck Klosterman and Susan Orlean, as well as everyday FOUND fans, it’s bound to contain delightful discoveries.

The Denim and Diamonds Tour stops at Curious Theatre, 1080 Acoma Street, tonight at 8 p.m. Tickets are $8, and advance purchase is strongly recommended; call 303-623-0524 or visit For more on FOUND, go to
Sun., June 28, 8 p.m., 2009


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