Strava Craft Coffee Adds a Special Ingredient to Your Cup: CBD

Chloe Sommers
Whether it's cannabis or coffee, Coloradans are always on the lookout for natural products to boost their healthy lifestyle. Denver-based Strava Craft Coffee is helping to fill their need, one cup at a time, with its CBD-infused coffees.

While medical patients, including those with epilepsy or cancer, can benefit from using the CBD product, so can the average Coloradan, suggests Strava, since it's been reported that CBD can reduce anxiety, treat inflammation and even boost energy.

CBD, also known as cannabidiol, is a cannabinoid that affects the endocannabinoid system in the human body, specifically the brain and central nervous system. Unlike its cousin, tetrahydrocannabinoil (THC), CBD doesn't result in any psychoactive high for the consumer.

Using full-spectrum hemp CBD oil, Strava marries the restorative properties of CBD with the elevation of caffeine. In its written materials, the company says, "These specialty-grade coffees are craft roasted in Denver, Colorado, and precision infused with CBD-Rich Hemp Oil to bring balance and natural plant wellness to every cup; including powerful antioxidants and neuroprotectants."

"Wellness" can be an off-putting term, because it's difficult to quantify or taste. After swapping my regular morning coffee with the Strava high-CBD beans, however, I did notice a difference.

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The first Strava blend I tried was Restore, a Colombia Supremo with 120 mg of CBD.  It was refined and delicious, not too ark but bold enough to satisfy my taste in coffee. I'm a two- (lately three-) cup-a-day person, but I was satisfied with only one twelve-ounce cup.  I felt restored and elevated enough to start my work day; my body and mind were in a rich state of homeostasis. And I didn't feel any need to follow up my morning coffee with any other supplements like cannabis oil or Taurine, a main ingredient in Red Bull.

The next day, I tried Strava's higher-dose Elevate coffee, with 240 mg of CBD. (Strava also has a 30 mg CBD coffee and a 60 mg decaf).

Also a Colombia-origin and Supremo-grade bean, the coffee tasted darker and more concentrated. The stem-like smell stood out; it reminded me that I was drinking hemp-infused coffee. (Strava's head roaster says that Elevate is still a work in progress and that he isn't completely satisfied with the smell.)

In contrast, Restore smelled like the coffee beans I used to work with back when I was a barista for Gloria Jean's Coffees back in high school — something I would drink every day.

Strava has its beans — both CBD-infused and non-infused — in coffee shops all over the city; you can also buy Strava coffee online. A portion of all online sales go to, which brings clean water to people in need.

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