Is it getting hot in here, or is it 3Oh!3? Early in 2006, the Colorado hip-hop scene received a smack in the face from Sean Foreman and Nathaniel Motte, two pasty-faced Boulderites ready to get the party started. With barking flow, Casio beats and frenetic live energy, the duo known as 3Oh!3 (due at the Fox Theatre this Thursday, January 4) finds the hallowed ground where DMX and AC/DC share strippers and dirty needles. Motte and Foreman trade verses and synchronized dance moves while flashing the inventive gang sign that represents our home area code. Though a preemptive goofy humor that recalls novelty acts like the Gluey Brothers has found its way into 3Oh!3's lyrics and live show, the pair's verbal chops and banging beats mean 3Oh!3 is deadly serious about getting its hip-hop on.


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