New Rome

Patrick Houston is back. Finally. For years, the fleet-fingered guitarist has been bearing the burden of being an ex-member of Angels Never Answer -- a band ahead of its time that imploded before realizing its full potential. Although Houston has spoken of new projects and bandmates in the past, things fizzled into gossip and speculation before anything took root -- most likely because the guy is a perfectionist. Nonetheless, that anal retention has had some benefit. At long last, Houston is ready to deliver the goods -- and to put to rest, once and for all, the unsolicited Patrick-from-Angels designation he's been saddled with. His new band, the New Rome, boasts another ex-Angel, Jason Walker, on drums, along with To Be Eaten guitarist Ben Pittz, former Robotos de Muerte bassist Karl Zickrick and newbie lead vocalist Eryn Swissdorf. The mash-up between Rome's Maiden-heavy riffs and Swissdorf's rock-femme harmonies can be jarring to the untrained ear, but it's a welcome departure from the usual throaty death growls of other metal contemporaries. Catch Houston and company at 3 Kings Tavern this Thursday, August 17, when the New Rome shares the stage with the Blue Angels and Mustangs & Madras in support of the Autokinoton's "Our Tour Got Fucked" benefit show.


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