Ten Reasons Red Rocks Is Headed for Its Best Season Yet

There’s no doubting the amount of historic moments our beautiful Red Rocks have seen. But the iconic Colorado venue has really outdone itself this year. From first-time international superstar performances to the most number of confirmed concerts ever — here are ten reasons why 2015 will be the best Red Rocks season in history.

10. Longest Season Ever
This is the longest year for performances in Red Rocks history, so far confirmed from January 30 to October 2. That means all you crazy Coloradoans will be dancing the rain, snow, sleet, hail, and whatever the early shows in Spring and the late shows of Fall bring. Be careful, that cruelly long ramp that takes you from the lower lot up to the venue is slippery when wet. 

9. First Time Performers
There is nothing quite like seeing one of your favorite artists lose their Red Rocks virginity. The long list of first timers includes Sam Smith August 4, Idina Menzel August 11, and Ed Sheeran June 29 and 30.

8. The Traditions Live
Several bands have made Red Rocks a regular stop, including Blues Traveler — 2015 will be the 21st anniversary of its 4th of July Show tradition. Every year since 1994, except 1999, Blues Traveler has claimed the historic stage. Opening acts Guster and Hanson will make this year particularly cool. 

7. Indie Shows Galore - Emo kids rejoice!
Ryan Adams, Iron and Wine, and Morrissey? It's like the holy trinity of Indie/Emo music. Red Rocks will be welcoming the most swoon-worthy, intelligent, sad, and dapper songsters since Elliot Smith.  If you've ever wondered where all the emo kids went, you'll find them well disguised and all grown up, at these shows. 

6. RowdyTown 4 
RowdyTown gets rowdier and rowdier each year. Colorado natives Big Gigantic always have great time in their home state, and have been famously decking out the Red Rocks the sickest light show of any performance since they began playing RowdyTown in 2011. Designed by Ghost Pixel, you may see gigantic projections of dollar bills, the angry cat, and undoubtedly, the Colorado flag. September 25-26.

5. Sexy Summer Outfits
The festi-crowd at Red Rocks knows how to dress to impress. Just feast your eyes on some of the most ludicrous, sexy, sultry, and bizarre concert goers you'll find in the state. Get a light show from a kid with light-tipped gloves for us. 

4. Crazy Cameos 
Last year, Governor John Hickenlooper got up with his banjo and sang a ballad to the Red Rocks screaming stands during the Old Crow Medicine Show. Who knows what insane cameos the shows will bring this year.

3. A little bit Country, a little bit Rock n' Roll
Colorado can't deny it's a dilemma, swaying in between rock and country. The wide variety of shows this year is the best visualization of our eclectic taste. Red Rocks gets super metal in 2015 with Mastodon on May 3, Slipknot, Lamb of God on August 19, then throw on your cowboy boots to see Lindsay Stirling on May 28, Grace Potter on September 19, or Tim McGraw for two-nights on September 9 and 10, with openers Billy Currington and Chase Bryant. 

2. 114 Shows This Season
That's right, we have 114 confirmed shows so far for 2015, almost 40 more than last year, which means basically every day of the week you can enjoy an epic performance on the rocks. Thanks in large part to AEG and Live Nation in securing these artists, and making sure the overhead isn’t too much that they would stray to other, less stunning venues, 2015 is turning out to be a packed roster of talent.

1. Historic Landmark Status
Red Rocks status as a Colorado landmark is going to determine a lot for the season. While most people think making Red Rocks an historic landmark is a no-brainer, some fear it may have an effect on the sound ordinances and add even further restrictions. With the vote being cast in early May, we will see what fate has in store of this iconic venue, and if the landmark status will harm or help the concert series. 
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Lindsey Bartlett is a writer, photographer, artist, Denver native and weed-snob. Her work has been published in Vanity Fair, High Times and Leafly, to name a few.
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