Oakland Raiders Suck Memes, 2015 Edition

As longtime Bronco fans, we enjoy hating the Oakland Raiders.

But it hasn't been as much fun in recent years, owing to how horrible the Raiders have been.

This year, however, the Raiders, under former Broncos defensive coordinator Jack Del Rio, appear to be improved. Their record is 2-2 and optimism abounds as the Broncos head to the stadium known colloquially as The Black Hole for a game this Sunday afternoon.

Worried? Bet you'll feel a whole lot better after checking out the following memes courtesy of Oakland Raiders SUCK, a Facebook page that's flat-out hilarious (to Broncos fans, at least).

Check out fifteen of our recent favorites. They should get that ol' Raider-hater attitude going again — or at least put a smile on your face.

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