Prayer One: Behind the scenes with Jeff Puckett and Denver's holiest helicopter

Our latest Westword feature article, "A Wing and a Prayer: Jeff Puckett's Helicopter Gets Denver Closer to God," tells the story of Prayer One, a helicopter ministry started by local businessman Jeff Puckett and his friends five years ago. Now, in this blog post, we bring you the story behind the story -- or at least we bring you a note, a quote, a first-person observation and a scandalous! goofy photo from our flight over Denver that didn't make it into the story.

First, the note:

Puckett has a ton of super cool stuff in his well-appointed office in the swanky X Jet building at the Centennial Airport in Englewood: a big screen TV, funky aviation-themed artwork made by a local artist (one piece is an almost childlike rendering of the first-ever drawing of a "helicopter," by Leonardo da Vinci), a big wooden propeller propped in the corner, and a bobblehead wearing a pilot's headset that looks surprisingly like Puckett.

The quote:

"Don't go behind the helicopter or it'll give you a really bad haircut." -- Jude Del Hierro, Prayer One scheduler and co-founder of Confluence Ministries, issuing a warning about the helicopter's back propeller

The observation:

It's possible to get motion sick on a helicopter. Oh, boy. Yes indeed.

And now, last but not least, that photo!

Puckett kisses Del Hierro after the flight. Smooooooooooch!
Puckett kisses Del Hierro after the flight. Smooooooooooch!
Anthony Camera

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