BJ's Port revival dries up

BJ's Port revival dries up

BJ's Port was a classic Five Points dive, "a glorious little place at 28th and Welton streets that recalls the raucous, energetic organ-trio clubs of Jimmy Smith's prime -- right down to the barbecued ribs and collard greens on the menu," Bill Gallo wrote for Westword back in 2002. But BJ's closed several years ago, and after the death of the building's owner, Charles Cousins, Wallace Simpson Post 29 hoped to turn the space into an American Legion post, complete with bar.

But now that dream has gone dry: Last week, the post's application was denied by the Denver Department of Excise and License, because the building at 2801 Welton Street is too close to a school -- a zoning rule that didn't exist when the original bar opened decades ago.

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