10 video games set in Colorado

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8. Madden NFL franchise and MLB 2K franchise (1988-present, 2004-present All platforms)

It would be remiss for us to ignore two of the most popular video-game franchises ever, and their representations of some of Denver's biggest landmarks. Madden's Invesco Field at Mile High gets it right, complete with giant towers of flame and the inflatable Bronco. MLB 2K12's Coors Field looks a little low-rent (skip to 2:55 in this video) but gets the job done, no humidor included.

7. Red Dead Redemption and Red Dead Redemption: Undead Nightmare (2010, Xbox 360, PS3)

We're chating a little with this one, but the state of "West Elizabeth" in Red Dead Redemption's turn-of-the-century alternate America is widely considered to be Colorado. Bordered by "New Austin" to the west (Arizona, Texas), Mexico to the south, and the riverside town of Blackwater to the east (St. Louis or Chicago), the plains and snowy forests of West Elizabeth will remind trigger-happy cowboys of Colorado. And in the Undead Nightmare expansion, the snow-covered "Tall Trees" section becomes infested with Sasquatches. Just like real life!

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