A Tasty Treat for Dog Owners

FRI, 10/1

Dogs are only as good as their trainers. That's why the Association of Pet Dog Trainers is unleashing its Rally Obedience Trial today at 2 p.m. in tandem with Educanines, a local canine trainer. Organizers have set up a course that teaches classic obedience skills and lets pet owners take their charges through ten to fifteen exercises. Fido must respond to commands such as "sit," "down" and "halt." Teams that enter the ring will receive and be judged by a qualifying score -- but it's merely for show.

"The point is not to judge your dog by the progress of others," says Chrissy Linzy, owner of Educanines and one of the judges, "but to increase the bond between owner and dog." The APDT and Educanines are part of a group of professional trainers committed to helping owners become better teachers by using positive education. "Our goal is to help dogs and their handlers work better as a team and have fun while training."

The obedience trial is part of the APDT & American Kennel Club conference, which includes classes for multiple levels and ages of dogs, as well. There is also a session that probes the science of dogs and may answer some questions on the crazy things our furry friends do. The gathering is at the Tech Center Marriott, 4900 South Syracuse Street. Admission is $9; for information, call 303-284-0490. -- Richard Kellerhals

Get a Clue
The Triangle Trek is a neighborhood puzzler
SAT, 10/2

The Triangle Trek isn't really a scavenger hunt. "It's improved over that," says Kevin Pharris, who designed today's game for the Golden Triangle Association. "This one you have to figure out. It's a brain-teaser race." Contestants in the event -- part of the two-day Striking Gold in the Triangle celebration -- must decipher a dozen clues in order to reach the finish, following one of four courses laid out in the area bounded by Speer Boulevard, Colfax Avenue and the east side of Lincoln Street. Some locations will be trickier to puzzle out than others, but all of the hints will be in plain sight. "Residents of the area will probably have an advantage," Pharris admits, "but even they won't know everything I'm asking for."

The entry fee is $20 for a single racer ($15 for students) and $35 for a team; the individual or team that completes the course in the shortest time wins a $500 prize. (There's also a kid-friendly trek, sans prize.) To enter, contact Pharris at 303-564-7570 or simply register by 7:15 a.m. at the Acoma Center, 1080 Acoma Street. The game begins at 8 a.m. -- Ernie Tucker

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