Animal Instincts

Animal Instincts

My daughter is into animals. Especially the cute ones infesting the kingdom of YouTube (and in particular the ones found on the YouTube serial, Ultra Kawaii, which she robs off the Internet and e-mails to everyone she knows in the whole entire world.

And why should I mention this, bringing shame and embarrassment upon my family name? I guess because almost everyone likes animals, those beings with whom we’ve co-existed since the beginning of human time (although we like some more than others), and their likenesses have also been part of our lives since the those gnarly cavemen drew them with embers on cave walls.

It’s in that spirit, I suppose, that Composition, the too-sex-for-my-house contemporary design emporium in Belmar, is pitching Animal Attraction, a retail gallery-within-a-store devoted to animal-inspired art and objects by some forty clever, curated designers and artists. The juried collection of wares includes everything from trout staplers to exquisite silver jackrabbit necklaces and beyond; the concept debuted last night and continues through October 9. In addition, Composition will host a series of lectures and workshops along the way.

Find Composition at 7180 West Alaska Drive, Belmar, Lakewood; keep up with the shop’s ongoing fascination with animalia by logging on here , or call 303-894-0025. – Susan Froyd

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