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Married at First Sight Recap: Denver Couple Divorces After Thirteen Days

They're now the second-shortest marriage in the reality TV show's history.
Lauren and Orion pose for wedding portraits moments after tying the knot — and meeting each other for the first time.
Lauren and Orion pose for wedding portraits moments after tying the knot — and meeting each other for the first time. Poppy & Co. Kelsey Huffer
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And then there were three.

We're less than halfway through the first Denver-based season of Married at First Sight, and two of the five couples are already done for. On their thirteenth day of marriage, Lauren and Orion decided to file for divorce. That makes them the second-shortest marriage of the show's history, beat only by a season-four couple who lasted ten days. But at least they made it through the wedding — unlike Michael, who was left at the altar earlier this season in a first for the show.

So far, Denver is not living up to its reputation as one of the top cities for singles to find love: Even those desperate enough to marry complete strangers on a reality TV show aren't having any luck.

In addition to the season's first divorce, episode eight of Married at First Sight saw the newlyweds return from their Cancún honeymoons and move into shared apartments right outside of Denver's Union Station. If you're wondering, they're shacking up at Sentral downtown, where their furnished one-bedroom apartments go for up to $5,580 per month.

Here's what happened on the “Divorce, Prayers and Spider Scares” episode of Married at First Sight, which aired on December 6:

Lauren and Orion
It's finally over. After three episodes of whiplashing between blowout fights and nauseating pillow talk, Lauren and Orion called it quits just short of their two-week wedding anniversary. But Orion didn't let it go without flip-flopping a few more times. Though he basically said the marriage was over during the honeymoon, on the plane ride home he told Lauren he wanted to start over. Then, after a few days of living separately, Orion texted Lauren and said he wanted a divorce again.

Lauren was left in tears as they discussed their divorce with the show's psychologist. Despite Orion's slut-shaming and wishy-washy-ness, Lauren wanted to work things out. But Orion said he "lost all romantic interest" in her after her "redskin" joke. That doesn't seem to be true, considering the day after the joke, Orion was bragging to Lauren about his sex toy collection and "giving nature" in bed. Lauren called the entire ordeal "stupid," saying, "Both of us were robbed because of his unforgivingness." But I have a feeling they're both better off jumping from this sinking ship as early as possible.

Becca and Austin
Things were quiet for the golden couple this episode. They were one of only two couples who actually moved into their shared apartment, reporting no issues living together so far. They said they're not quite in love yet — probably because they barely know each other. “I still don’t even know how many speeding tickets you’ve had,” Becca said. More surprisingly, the couple also hasn't had sex yet. In fact, none of the season's couples have consummated their marriages, making this the most sexless season I have ever seen. In a preview of next week's episode, Becca reveals it is Austin who's putting on the brakes in the bed, which is sure to bring some drama to their happy home.

Emily and Brennan
This marriage is crumbling fast. Besides Emily's various injuries and accidents, it was initially smooth sailing for the couple. But upon returning from their honeymoon, Brennan said he needed some space and didn't want to move in together right away. In a private interview, he revealed he was "getting drained" by spending so much time with his wife. In a meeting with the show's pastor days later, Brennan said he doesn't feel a romantic connection. When asked if he's physically attracted to Emily, he refused to answer, saying, "When you’re on TV, you always want to be mindful of how you come across." Emily confronted him later, demanding an answer, but he said, “I just can’t. I would never want someone to tell me that" — all but confirming that the answer is "No."

Clare and Cameron
This formerly least-compatible couple has become one of the most stable. Clare and Cameron were the second couple to move in together this episode. So far, there have only been minor issues: Clare's dog, Lenny, ignoring Cameron, and Cameron bickering at Clare for leaving three (!) dishes in the sink. But bigger issues seem to be on the horizon. The couple's religious differences crept into the conversation when Cameron found Clare's Bible and discovered that she's Catholic. Non-religious Cameron said he doesn't want to raise his children within the confines of religion, which Clare said she disagrees with but respects. You have to wonder how long that respect will last if the pair ever actually has children.

To see which couple collapses next, tune in to the next episode of Married at First Sight, on Wednesday, December 13.
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