Cressted Butte gets on the Yonder Mountain bandwagon

These days, just about every major resort and ski town has some kind of music festival, and we just got word the Crested Butte is jumping on the, er, band wagon (sorry).

Crested Butte Mountain Resort announced yesterday that they will be filling the Gunnison Valley with the sweet sounds of bluegrass on March 27th at the first annual Ski Town Breakdown. Of course the local kings of bluegrass, Yonder Mountain String Band, will be headlining the event with their unconventional jams and undoubtedly a slew of die-hard fans although there hasn't been any word on who the supporting acts might be.

And since bluegrass and green grass (smoking of course) go hand in hand, it is only fitting that the event's co-sponsor is Boulder-based EVOL Burritos. Bluegrass, bud and burritos - sounds like the perfect way to say "hello" to spring.

Tickets and more info are available here.

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Whitney Van Cleave