Elitch Gardens Fright Fest is hiring -- how's your scream?

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You know what's scary? Not having a job in this economy. So here's some good news: If your scream is worthy, you could be one of the folks scaring the bejesus out of attendees to Elitch Gardens Fright Fest.

"What we always do is ask people to scream for us," notes Elitch's public and community relations manager, Erica Boniface. "We're family-friendly by day, but once the sun goes down, that's when the scary stuff happens. We're looking for people to walk the park and help with the family-friendly stuff, and we're looking for people to scream and scare and really embody what Fright Fest is about."

First word of advice: "Do your homework and read about the attractions," says Boniface. (You can see the rundown of attractions at http://elitchgardens.com/frightfestdenver.) "Brutal Planet is preferred for an adult, mature crowd; guests go through a serial killer's hidden lair," Boniface explains. "Blood Bath is in our water park. We close down our bath house; guests have to put on a poncho because as they walk through, they get sprayed. It's an old warehouse where something very wrong is happening. In the Grueling, guests pay witness to an extremely violent event." For kids, things get a little bit tamer. "We do Gross Out for kids, where they get to join the Hip HopSicles on stage and drink gross milkshakes." There's also a costume contest, a Face Your Fears section (where kids can learn more about spiders, bats and other scary stuff), a kid-friendly haunted house, and on Saturdays and Sundays, a Trick Or Treat Trail throughout the park.

First step: Fill out a job application on the website, then start preparing for your interview, whether you want to be Dorothy on the Trick or Treat trail or spray attendees with blood. "We want to know if they get scared easily, ask them a few questions about Halloween, essentially to place them and cast them in our attractions, and a little role-playing, too. We want to know: Can you be a really scary guy and jump out of the haunted house?

"This is something where if you enjoy acting and you love Halloween, this is the gig you want," concludes Boniface. You must be eighteen years old or older, and no acting experience is required, just know how to scream and scare the living daylights out of people. Employees also get discounted tickets -- and the rides at Elitch's are still open, bear in mind.

The first auditions start tomorrow; the last will be Sunday, September 25 from 1 to 4 p.m. Fright Fest employees can expect to work during the month of October; the park closes November 1 for the season.

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.


Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.