Expedition Impossible's Team No Limits on making the finals and climbing Everest blind

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Westword: Congrats on making it to the finale and making for some awfully compelling television along the way!

Jeff Evans: Thanks! ABC has done a good job of showing something that, really, Erik and I have been doing together for a long time, which is getting out there and having some adventures together against all odds.

Obviously you've had a lot of people cheering you on over the last decade, but I'm curious: Is there a different level of recognition now because of this show?

Erik Weihenmayer: It's not like we set out to be reality TV stars or anything, but it is kind of cool to be getting emails from people saying, "You guys are my kids' heroes." We get hundreds of these things, and we've been getting people coming up to us in airports to congratulate us. It's been pretty wild.

Evans: More than anything I think the cool thing is the conversations people are having with their families about what's possible and about what they'd do with they're lives if they were disabled or if a good friend of theirs was disabled. For us it was just another adventure, but then all of a sudden as the episodes have been airing we're realizing that people have really been affected by what we've been able to accomplish over the course of the show.
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