Five ways to celebrate Go Skateboarding Day in Colorado today

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3. Run wild in the streets Massive group skates have become a hallmark of Go Skateboarding Day celebrations around the world, but in Denver this year they'll be a bit underground if they're happening at all: In the past these events have been known to get a bit out of hand, which is why 303 Boards and other local shops have been scaling back their Go Skateboarding Day organizing in favor of mellower celebrations. If you're looking for a crowd to skate with en masse, try the meetup at Civic Center Park at noon; the swarm will be pointing from there towards the Denver Skatepark around 1 p.m., then on to the 303 Boards' Best Trick contest on the 4-stair set at Confluence Park at 3:03 p.m. First prize gets -- you guessed it -- $303.

2. Thumb through 4 Skateboarding Copies of the freebie first issue of Dean Barnes' new "No Coast Skateboarding" print magazine 4 Skateboarding hit local shops earlier this month and a .pdf version is online now at www.FourSkateboarding.com, featuring stunning photography and contributions from many of the local scene's biggest movers and shakers, including Glen Gillingam, Jeremy Frankovis, and Carleigh Samson.

Among the interesting reads in the first issue is a "Worst of Westword" rant from Josh Murphy, quibbling with our Best of Denver 2012 picks for Best Skate Park (Arvada Skatepark), Best Skateboarder (Julian Christianson), and Best Skate Video (Bucky O'Connell's It's Always Sunny in Colorado), and with the "Best Of" premise in general.

"The problem with these awards, particularly 'Best Skateboarder' and 'Best Skateboard Video,' is that there hasn't been, nor will there ever be, a 'Best Skateboarder' or 'Best Skateboard Video' in Denver," writes Murphy. "These titles are completely irrelevant to anyone who actually skateboards. There are so many different styles of skateboarders, and such a variety in the filming and editing of videos, that deciding who is the best is impossible. Deciding the best skateboarder in Denver is the equivalent of deciding the best flavor of ice cream. The topic is entirely subjective." Touché.

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