Mile High Haunts: Frightmare Compound an Oldie but a Goodie

Aaron Thackeray
Now in its 35th season, the Frightmare Compound is one of the area’s longest-running attractions. Unlike most haunts that are set inside warehouses or outside in cornfields, this one is located on private property and twists and turns before leading you into a spooky farmhouse. (And yes, you’re going to the top where those red lights are!)

Meandering along the outdoor leg of the haunt was more sightseeing than fright. There was so much to look at: functioning water wheels, spinning machinery on old farm equipment, crashed airplanes and more. We even had to make a tight squeeze through an authentic mine and fend off undead mining zombies. Alas, there weren’t an overwhelming number of actors in this outdoor section, and the ones we did encounter gave us a quick scare (if we hadn't seen them coming, that is) and quickly returned to their hiding spots.

I was excited to reach the creepy farmhouse, and delighted to head up the rickety stairs to the attic. The actors in the house were more engaging, even menacing, especially Mama and the little girl upstairs who wanted to play. Things got a little claustrophobic after that, and the scene was the highlight of our quick tour of the Frightmare Compound.
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Aaron Thackeray
Once you make it out of the farmhouse alive, the haunt ends at a clown-house attraction. Unfortunately, this super-short stint feels like an afterthought and detracts from the spooky farmstead vibe. A quick run through Jim Bob’s tool shed or something similar would be thematic and effective.

The Frightmare Compound is a good choice for pre-teens and teenagers (and scaredy-cat adults) looking for a mild scare that’s not too gory or intense. With processing fees, tickets work out to be right around $30, which is pretty standard for a haunted-house GA ticket, and (accordingly) buys you a pretty standard haunting experience.

The Frightmare Compound

10798 Yukon Street, Westminster
Tickets: $27.99 to $29.99 general admission, $37.99 to $39.99 fast pass, $47.99 to $49.99 immediate access. Open 7 to 10 p.m. Sunday through Thursday, 7 p.m. to midnight Friday through Saturday, through November 3.
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Danielle Look is a bona fide horror and haunted house enthusiast. When she's not scare acting at haunted houses in the fall, she's reading horror novels and watching scary movies with the Mile High Horrors group. Beyond the spooky stuff, Danielle has a passion for the Denver arts scene, immersive entertainment, and hiking and backpacking.