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Halloween in Denver: The complete guide

Halloween is just 6 days away. Whether you're planning to party, pass out candy, or have no idea how to celebrate -- we've got you covered. Here, we collect our best coverage of Denver's festivities. We'll add in more as the holiday draws nearer, so keep checking.

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Want to take in the spooky holiday with your family? Here are some family-friendly events happening now through Oct. 31

Want to get scared (and possibly lost) in a corn maze to celebrate the fall? Here are the 5 best. Or maybe pumpkins are more your style?

If Halloween brings out the inner artist in you, check out the Annual bogeyman art show.

Looking for a good scare? Try one of these haunts or haunted tours.

If you want to rage the night away in your custome, RSVP for one of these adult-only parties.

If you're staying home and watching scary flicks while passing out candy to the kiddies, make sure your house gets remembered as the one withthe best candy.

Why not throw a house party this Oct. 31st? Just make sure to scare (and impress) your guests with one of these terrifying cakes.

Zombie-fying yourself is always a classic costume choice. Figure out which undead look suits you by browsing through some of our photos from the zombie crawl or the zombie crawl after-party.

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.